NSTI offers one of the leading coax, fiber, OSP, and telecom installation services in Alaska.

We have completed many large copper and fiber optic cable projects. Our services include: 

  • CATV
  • Phone
  • Fiber
  • Data conduit
  • Cables
  • Complete Aerial Pole
  • Strand and Cable Placement

As one of Alaska’s top coax, fiber, OSP & telecom installation service providers, we’ve worked on many large projects. Most recently the GCI/BorTek long haul fiber project from Coldfoot to Prudhoe Bay.

A recent project was the GCI/BorTek long haul fiber project from Coldfoot to Prudhoe Bay. In 2017, we were awarded a large aerial cable plant project in Kodiak which involved the replacement of huge runs of fiber optic cable over a wide variety of terrain in from urban to rural and extreme environments.

Our portfolio also includes a 2018 fiber optic cable splicing and testing and project for GCI supporting the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. We are currently working on one of the first fiber to the home projects for in the Meadow Lakes Area of the Matsu Valley. This project consists of 30 miles of new underground and aerial plant along with thousands of cable splices and terminations.

NSTI holds master services agreements with a number of Alaska service providers and supplies them with 8 year-round construction crews building aerial and underground fiber optic and coax plant throughout the state.

NTSI also offers anything from FCC Licensing to disaster relief and emergency communication. Call us today at 907-751-8200 to inquire about our services!