We’re ready to craft your telecommunications solutions

North Slope Telecom, Inc. specializes in the advanced design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications systems. A large portion of our services rest in the exacting care we take in engineering for any situation, whatever the requirements, and whatever the environment. Site analysis, feasibility studies, intended applications, existing infrastructure, system design and real-life usability are all crucial to the engineering process, especially in the extreme conditions you find in Alaska.

Our outstanding engineering designs are used by clients every day across Alaska:

  • Alpine oil field telecommunications facilities: NSTI worked with ConocoPhillips Alaska to design a two-way radio system to support their Alpine production facility. This project successfully supports hundreds of handheld and mobile radios. A 115-ft communications tower was designed and installed as the lynchpin to support the massive collection of radios and microwave system antennas. We handled upkeep during the four-year project, then trained the incoming maintenance staff as we handed over the turnkey system.
  • Prudhoe Bay microwave radio upgrade: This project was nominated for the BP Helios Award, which is a global acknowledgment of outstanding project management and implementation. We replaced the existing analog radio systems with over 90 all-new 18 GHz microwave digital radios. This was all assembled and tested off-site, so outage time was limited to a single 12-hour shift.
  • Oooguruk Island telecommunications system: Our team installed radio communications systems for Pioneer Natural Resources that cover their entire operating field. Instead of piggybacking on previous implementations, our work remained independent from existing links to maintain a role as back-up for emergency communications. 120 people in permanent camps received network, telephone service and cable television in every room.

Our success is defined by our skill in engineering and administering the perfect solution. With over 40 years of experience in satisfying network needs in Alaska, we have the team to facilitate the answers you require.

Put our proficiency to use in designing and implementing the telecommunications structure you need. Call us at 907-751-8200 to ask about our services.