David Smith
David Smith


Expertise: I started my career in 1977 as an RF (radio) maintainer and operator for the U.S. Army. I eventually gained experience in satellite, microwave radio, telephony, inside and outside cable plant and digital networks. Additionally, I was trained and had increasingly larger roles as a leader, personnel manager, construction manager, project manager, and telecommunications systems designer. I was hired at North Slope Telecom, Inc. in 1997 as the shop manager and field project manager. In this role, I managed a variety of large and small projects. These included the construction of the Alpine, Tarn, Meltwater, Palm, and Oooguruk Oil Fields. In addition to these, I managed several fiberoptic cable and multiple microwave system installations as well as remote site radio systems and facilities around Alaska and the Lower 48. I continued to remain current on new technologies. After my promotion to Vice President in 2002, my focus turned more towards business management and development. I manage the day to day operations of the company. I have overseen the growth of NSTI from a 15 person to a 70 person company.

Years with NSTI: 21

What you love about your job: I love the challenges of the job and the constant requirement to learn new technologies, management practices, and leadership skills.

Favorite thing about Alaska: The people and summer! Alaska is a huge place with the feel of a small town. People genuinely care about each other here. I enjoy outdoor activities including camping, fishing, and hiking when the job allows for it.