Risk Management

At NSTI, we focus on safety as a core value and motivate employees to take responsibility for themselves as well as their co-workers. Risk Management for radio tower construction, maintenance of telecom systems, onsite repair of communications systems, and other projects we undertake is crucial to the success of the project and our company. We require subcontractors to adhere to the same stringent safety standards that we set for ourselves.

All company personnel is required to take an active and consistent role in this safety program for the prevention of incidents and injuries. Managers, supervisors, and staff plan hazard evaluations and mitigation into their work as an organizational priority and a personal value. Our commitment to safety has resulted in an excellent safety record, and NSTI has consistently been recognized as a top performer in the field of Health and Safety in the telecommunications industry.

We comply with all applicable provisions of the relevant government agency for safety, health, and sanitation statutes, as well as specific client directives and policies if there is a link.

Technology & Resources

NSTI is strongly positioned to support our customers on large-scale projects from the initial exploration phase to permanent production infrastructure. NSTI specializes in turn-key solutions and serves customers primarily from the energy and resource extraction industry as well as in local, state, and federal governments. At the same time, we have maintained our flexibility to assist smaller customers equally well. We operate wherever you need us, both domestically and abroad. Our Anchorage facilities allow for systems fabrication and testing, materials staging, and secure storage in addition to office space for project management and support staff.