90,000 BBL/Day Oil Field Telecommunication Systems

NSTI has provided communication infrastructure and digital oilfield solutions support for the Alaskan petroleum industry for over 29 years. NSTI has received industry-wide recognition for its ability to respond quickly to unique communication challenges in the exploration environment and to provide reliable service under a variety of extreme weather conditions. NSTI has completed approximately 95 exploration communication support projects in the Alaskan on-shore and offshore environment.


On a typical exploration project, NSTI provides corporate telephone and computer network connectivity to a remote site via microwave radio or satellite link. Equipment is housed in small portable communication shelters that are wired and tested prior to field deployment, then shipped by truck, vessel, or C-130 to the project site, ready to deploy. The shelters also contain AC and DC power systems, telephone equipment, routers, radios, and alarm reporting equipment. The custom shelter is interfaced to the drilling rig and camp facilities.


Remote site projects require installation of local two-way radio networks for logistics support and contingency oil-spill response. Wide area two-way radio safety channels are required when rig deployment is made via Rolligon or ice-roads. Remote sites require radio support for local airport operations and the installation of aircraft navigation aids.


A few of the unique systems installed by NSTI include:


  • Satellite earth station at the geographic center of an extensive exploration project using multiple microwave links to provide simultaneous support for three drilling and two testing rigs
  • Air traffic control radar system on a semi-submersible offshore drilling rig; NSTI supplied an FAA-trained air traffic control radar operator
  • Wide area radio network consisting of several linked repeaters servicing an ice road over 70 miles long


NSTI is capable of planning and deploying these systems in inclement weather conditions and on short notice because it maintains a stable, experienced workforce of technicians and installers as well as an extensive inventory of equipment, and shelters.




  • ConocoPhillips Alaska
  • ARCO Alaska
  • Anadarko Petroleum
  • ExxonMobil Alaska
  • Amoco


  • On/Off Shore
  • State of Alaska
  • Across the Country
  • Internationally

Scope of Work:

  • Supply Temporary Phone and Data Communications
  • Supply Materials
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Demobilization
  • Airport Navigation Aids
  • Two-way Radio Systems
  • Satellite and Microwave Links