90,000 BBL/Day Oil Field Telecommunication Systems

NSTI was selected by Pioneer Natural Resources to engineer, acquire and install all project telecommunications infrastructure. Built as an offshore drill site, Oooguruk Island is located 5.4 miles off the North Slope of Alaska, east of the Colville River Delta. NSTI was chosen as the main telecommunications contractor because of the company’s expertise with a wide range of technologies and systems used in a modern oil field. The experience of the NSTI team allowed the telecommunication component of the project to remain on budget and ahead of schedule.

Multiple temporary construction camps and work sites were supported with numerous microwave links, communication shelters, and towers. Two major facilities were constructed, the Offshore Drill Site (ODS) pictured above and the Onshore Tie-in Pad (OTP). Modules on these facilities were interconnected with fiber and copper outside plant cabling. Fiber and microwave linked the two sites together. Communication modules were installed on each site to house power and telecommunications common equipment.

A wide area radio communications system consisting of three networks was installed by NSTI. The system spans the breadth of the field and operates independently from all fiber and microwave links to preserve its back-up role for emergency field wide communications. Permanent camps housing 120 people were wired for network, telephone service and cable television feeds into every room.

For this project, NSTI engineered, designed and installed the following systems:

  • Control room video surveillance system utilizing visible and infrared cameras
  • Community antenna television systems for each camp
  • GAI-TRONICS page party intercom system for the ODS rig and mud plant
  • Microwave radio link that carried all network, SCADA data, telephone lines, and GAI-TRONICS
  • UHF two-way radio operations system and VHF oil spill response radio system
  • Outside single and multi-mode fiber and copper cable plant
  • Antennas, transmission lines, and a 90-foot guyed tower at ODS
  • Client antennas and associated transmission lines on a common carrier 150-foot tower at OTP
  • Inside plant cabling, termination and distribution of CAT6, fiber and copper cable
  • Equipped two telecom modules with battery plants to house project telecom equipment including telephone systems
  • Two FAA certified automated weather observing systems (AWOS)
  • Cellular bi-directional amplifier system to extend cell service into all areas of the camp on the offshore island
  • Terminated and tested the sub-sea single mode fiber optic cable (installed by the flow-line bundle contractor)


Pioneer Natural Resources


Beaufort Sea

Scope of Work:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Installation/Construction
  • Test and Turnover