90,000 BBL/Day Oil Field Telecommunication Systems

In 2007, British Petroleum, as the operator of the Prudhoe Bay oil field chose Motorola’s ‘Harmony’ Integrated Digital Enhanced Network radio system to replace the multiple disparate and aging radio communications systems in use throughout its operating area.

NSTI was chosen by Motorola and GCI to be the prime installation contractor for the 23 fixed sites required to provide seamless coverage throughout the operating area. NSTI also installed and distributed several thousand mobile and handheld radios.

In addition to the installation labor, NSTI also provided project management, user training, and design support. Over 10,000 man hours of combined effort have resulted in a system successfully servicing over 4,000 users.

NSTI designed and installed a custom console system for one of the main control centers. Five operator positions are supported with touch screens and sophisticated audio and radio controls that allow the operators to talk anywhere in the system. Due to space constraints, small size and flexible placement of components were critical.




North Slope, Alaska

Scope of Work:

  • Equipment Installation
  • Design and Implementation of a Custom Operator Console System
  • Power Upgrades
  • User Training
  • Planning and Coordination
  • System Testing
  • System Documentation