90,000 BBL/Day Oil Field Telecommunication Systems

NSTI is consistently chosen for remote site work in harsh environments. We are able to quickly deploy technicians to sites only reachable by helicopters, snow machine, all-terrain vehicle or boat.

Cooper Mountain is located near Cooper Landing, Alaska. NSTI was asked to build a remote telecommunications site in the dead of winter. From the harsh environment arose unique challenges. We successfully completed the project, including building out the existing shelter with:

  • Three 7-foot equipment racks for Fixed Network Equipment
  • Installation of transmission line
  • Antenna Installation
  • Grounding
  • Detailed as-built documentation
  • Coordination of all helicopter operations
  • 25-foot tower pole extensions

Alaska Land Mobile Radio Site (ALMR), Cooper Mountain


Near Cooper Landing


Helicopter Only


Over 3500 feet

Scope of Work:

  • Fixed Network Installation
  • Internal and External Grounding
  • Antenna and Transmission Line Installation
  • Communications Shelter Surge Suppression Installation
  • One of More Than 40 Sites in the ALMR Network